As a software company we are committed towards creating the best innovative solutions accelerating your business digitally. As an organization protecting our clients' personal information and data is our foremost priority.

Why do we collect your data?

The information we collect from our website visitors and our clients, will be used to further improve our website, products and services to you. The type of information we may collect could include and but not only limited to, names, phone number, email addresses and company names. We also collect this information to build a stronger relationship with you while it is best to have in mind that we strictly do not encourage or involve in selling/renting your personal data & information to any third party. Also we like to retain your data to educate you on our future services or any promotional material we think would best serve you.

What personal information we might know about you?

A list of your personal data we may retain:
Your name
Your email
Your phone number
The company you work at
Where is your company located
Your CV
Your job title

And when you visit our website we may also collect information on:

  • Information about your device(s), in particular, hardware model and version of the operating system.
  • Information about your visits to and use of our website, inclusive of your IP address, browser type, geographical location and version, any website navigation paths, referral source and page views

Change in Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change from time to time in order to comply with our practices or legalities. Any changes will be updated here on our website.


To give you a customized experience on our website acclimating it to your preferences, we talior your content need via website cookies.
Cookies are small texts and pieces of information stored on your device when you visit a website. These small texts are sent back to the website on your future visits to personlize content based on your preferences.


Forging excellent digital relationships is part of our digital excellence therefore we take great care in providing the best security to our clients and their personal information without any third party interference or fraud. We take solid measures to apply extensive security applications to protect your data and personal information at all costs.